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Mon – Feb 16th. Instituto Cervantes Chicago. [location]



Director Ricardo Pachón
Length 73 min
Premier 2013

Description In the 50s, the gypsies in Triana were thrown out of the neighborhood. In 1983 they got back together for their last big celebration. This previously unseen joyous film celebrates the end of an “indomitable lineage” in a unique evening of flamenco and delight transformed into an ode to a lost world. A priceless documentary that reminds Seville that it once had an illustrious gypsy area and that, when it lost that, it lost its flamenco swing. [trailer]

About the Director Ricardo Pachón is considered by many to be one of the most important and influential music producers in Spain. Evolving and always open to look less traveled corners of popular music, Pachón is responsible for the most innovative albums of flamenco. From his early works with artists including Smash, Poison, Lole y Manuel, Pata Negra, or the seminal “La Leyenda del Tiempo” by Camarón de la Isla. Has also worked with La Terremoto, Aurora Vargas, Diego Carrasco, Rocío Jurado, Silvio … always leaving his personal stamp. He was also the scriptwriter on the series El Ángel for TVE in 1984, among others audiovisual jobs.


  • IMAGENERA 2013. Competition for Creation Documentaries about the Memory of Andalusia. Winning film.

  • IN-EDIT. International Music Documentary Film Festival – Barcelona (Spain). Best Spanish Documentary 2013.


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