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Mon – Feb 9th. Instituto Cervantes Chicago. [location]



Director Tao Ruspoli
Length 22 min
Premier 2013

Description This is a short documentary by Tao Ruspoli about the legendary flamenco singer and guitarist Manuel Molina, of Lole y Manuel. Manuel Molina revolutionized flamenco by introducing psychedelic influences. He also was an important figure of flamenco fusion after the fall of the Franco dictatorship, as a member of the group Smash (credited for being the first flamenco rock band) and guitarist of the world renowned flamenco couple Lole & Manuel, whose track “Tu mirá” appeared on Tarantino’s “Kil Bill”. The film is a very intimate portrait of life and soul. [read more]



Director Mikel Bonet
Length 63 min
Premier 2007

Description Flamenco music originally from Spain has fascinated the Japanese for more than 40 years. While searching for the reasons of this phenomenon, we discover similarities and differences of these two contrasting cultures that have a distance of 15,000KM (9,320 Miles) between them. [trailer]

Mon – Feb 16th. Instituto Cervantes Chicago. [location]



Director Ricardo Pachón
Length 73 min
Premier 2013

Description In the 50s, the gypsies in Triana were thrown out of the neighborhood. In 1983 they got back together for their last big celebration. This previously unseen joyous film celebrates the end of an “indomitable lineage” in a unique evening of flamenco and delight transformed into an ode to a lost world. A priceless documentary that reminds Seville that it once had an illustrious gypsy area and that, when it lost that, it lost its flamenco swing. [trailer] [read more]

Mon – Mar 2nd. Northeastern University. [location]

otwprog6:00 PM SOBRE LAS OLAS.

Director Carolina Loyola-García
Length 100 min
Premier 2013

Description For over a hundred years, the art of flamenco has been crossing the ocean into distant places. Many have fallen in love with the deep song, the cry, the rhythm. Over the Waves explores the tradition of flamenco art in the US: its origins, protagonists, and its identity as a nomadic and hybrid art form. Focusing on the most important flamenco artists living in the United States, the documentary offers a unique look at their creative process.This documentary brings us straight into the heart of flamenco in the U.S. and to the artists who keep it alive.

Featuring Jose Greco, Carmela Greco, Dame Libby Komaiko and the Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater, Edwin Aparicio, Ricardo Marlow, Jesus Montoya, Barbara Martinez, Rebeca Tomas, Elba Hevia y Vaca, Marija Temo, Manolo Leiva, Maria Benitez, Joaquin Encinias, among others. [trailer] [read more]

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* Info tickets “Sobre las olas” (Over the waves) in www.ensembleespanol.org