FLAMENCO FILM FEST was born in New York last 2014 to show around the USA the best documentary films on Flamenco.

Our greatest contribution is the use of image and the unlimited resources of audiovisual arts to break the boundaries of stage and present Flamenco as what it is: an art of the people, heritage of men and women from all conditions, who expand it everyday in the most heterogeneous contexts.

Those who love Flamenco will find in the movies a new perspective of what they perhaps know. And for those that still don’t know Flamenco, documentaries are an opportunity to bring the audience of cinema closer to this ancient art, that will captivate them forever.

This days we are planning our second edition to take place in New York this 2016, after our first stop in Chicago, where we showed our program whithin the events of CHICAGO FLAMENCO FESTIVAL 2015. More information will be available on our website soon.